Any conflict is a relationship issue!

In my experience, there is fundamentally no such thing as a conflict – whether between individuals or groups of people – in which only one party is solely to blame… even if this is initially – and understandably – perceived as such due to the often very emotional arguments that take place in the build-up to the conflict. The share of the blame that each party is responsible for is, of course, debatable but solutions are rarely found by pursuing this line of enquiry.

I am also convinced that seemingly tangible conflicts are nothing more than a mirage. They are merely symptoms of underlying conflicts that are (mostly) hidden away at the relationship level of the disputing parties. Were this not the case, the parties themselves would have found a solution to their issues without any need for external support. But this is where I come in – to work with you to nail down those obscured events, often dating back many years, that are causing dysfunctionality at a relationship level.

I promise you a fair and mutually acceptable mediation procedure, which will ultimately allow all concerned to reach a consensual solution to the conflict at hand. The exact procedure is tailored precisely to the specific conflict situation and the needs of the disputing parties. 

I do not take a standardised approach to mediation. In my opinion, ready-made remedies are just as unhelpful here as in any other situation in life. Every conflict needs a tailor-made procedure.