Counseling for couples

There are three parties to every relationship

And that’s why my approach to counselling couples is based on three pillars – the individual biographies of the two partners and that of the relationship itself. In any couple’s everyday life, these three pillars form a complex interplay. This complexity is absolutely essential when it comes to successfully and happily working together to overcome all of life’s many challenges.


But, of course, with the inherent complexity described above, there’s always a risk of the couple losing themselves in it all, as if they were in some sort of maze. And it’s not always immediately clear when and where a couple lost their sense of direction because the cause and effect can be far apart both in terms of what happened and when it happened.


So, if you need support finding the way out of your own personal maze, I will be happy to help. Please allow me to ensure you that our meetings and discussions will take place in an accepting atmosphere and that we will get to the bottom of the root causes. At the end of our journey together, your sense of direction will return and the way out of the maze will become clear to both of you.


And of course, if you want to stop any such “straying from the path” coming about in the first place, it makes sense to regularly invest time in your relationship, even if everything seems to be in order at the time. I would be happy to do anything I can to support you with this. After all, you don’t just take your car to the garage when it breaks down, do you?