HR-Interim Management

… has to be more than just an interlude.

There can be many reasons for deciding to fill a position on an interim basis. Maybe for a sudden vacancy, a temporary assignment or to allow an internal appointee time to prepare for the new role etc.
Or even as a conscious decision aimed at first permitting a better understanding of the situation in the respective area of responsibility. In this way, the fresh and neutral view of an outsider can be used to arrive at a well-founded decision-making basis for the further course of action.

However, regardless of the specific case, I believe that three factors are crucial to the successful deployment of an interim manager:

Acceptance through charisma

As well as aligning well with the company’s underlying business model, a suitable appointment naturally requires appropriate expertise and relevant experience in the field in question. However, beyond all this, a candidate also needs to convincingly exude these qualities in person. This is the only way to ensure the absolutely necessary immediate (internal) acceptance of the interim manager.

Intuitive (behavioural) pattern recognition

The ability of an interim manager to intuitively identify patterns within elements of a corporate culture and organisational processes enables rapid effectiveness.

Positive conception of man  

In order for an interim manager to be able to implement – and quickly drive forward – any necessary changes, he or she needs a positive conception of man and deploy a corresponding  communication style.

So, let’s find out in a personal conversation whether I could be the right candidate for your organisation. Because ultimately, it all depends on the “fit”… to the boss, to the team and to the corporate culture. I look forward to hearing from you.